First Steps® Instructor Course

The First Steps® (FS) ACP Instructor Certification course features strategies for teaching and evaluating the communication skills of others, and prepares participants to teach the FS ACP Facilitator Certification course. 

Suggested Attendees to the First Steps®  Instructor Course

FS ACP Instructor Certification is intended for healthcare educators, community leaders, intermediate to advanced level social work practitioners, and chaplains who are interested in becoming certified to replicate the FS ACP Facilitator Certification course in their own organization or community.

Objectives of this course

  1. Define Instructor responsibilities and common strategies for teaching the Respecting Choices First Steps® ACP Facilitator Certification course.
  2. Facilitate a brief discussion on selected ACP topics.
  3. Apply three mentoring strategies to promote Facilitator certification and maintenance of competence.
  4. Apply at least three Instructor mentoring strategies during role-play activities.

Respecting Choices® required components for certification

  • FS® ACP Facilitator Certification
  • Completion of the FS® ACP Design and Implementation course
  • Completion of a FS® Instructor Agreement

Ongoing Certification Requirements

  • Compliance with the FS® Instructor Agreement
  • Completion of curriculum updates and recertification requirements

CHS’s Commitment to Instructors

CHS FS® Organization Faculty remain available for questions and ongoing mentoring opportunities to certified FS® Instructors throughout their participation in this role within their organization.


Instructor course costs vary depending on prior certifications and implementation activities. Pricing will be determined after submitting the request form but before registration. All courses are currently being held virtually.

Upcoming First Steps® Instructor Course dates:

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