Choreograph Health’s Transitions in Life with Advance Care Planning

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Choreographed Health Solutions, LLC (CHS) is dedicated to the building of sustainable Advance Care Planning (ACP) systems, expansion, education and support for those with a passion for ACP and it’s optimal outcome of providing care desired by each individual.  

Our Mission:

Support organizations and health systems to implement sustainable, evidence-based advance care planning (ACP) and serious illness management systems that close the gaps across the continuum of care and promote ACP Facilitator and Instructor education for those serving adults, regardless of age, with serious illness and/or advanced stages of health so they may live the life of their choosing.

Our Vision: End unnecessary suffering by honoring one’s healthcare wishes in any setting across the continuum of care including the community.

Currently, gaps exist in healthcare systems along the continuum of care.

We cannot honor what we do not know!
We cannot know if we do not we ask!


Help guide patients to choreograph choices that allow them to “LIVE LIFE THEIR WAY.”

CHS utilizes Respecting Choices®  evidence-based model, globally recognized as the gold standard for ACP. This model uses a phased approach to ACP specific to an individual’s current health stage.  The conversation is intended to continue over one’s lifespan.  Providing the appropriate conversation relevant to one’s stage of health and capturing their wishes in a clear, concise, customized document should ideally occur before a healthcare crisis occurs or when wishes change.

Doing the “right thing” takes more than passion. It requires leadership, an open mind and willingness to examine current processes, roles and culture within your organization. You can join the many who have embraced ACP and it’s impressive outcomes by engaging your leadership in redesigning your care routines to include ACP & Serious Illness management and/or becoming certified in one or more of the following virtual or in-person opportunities:

  • Actively engage in system redesign to hard wire ACP processes, programs and education within your own facility or organization utilizing expert Consulting Services
  • Universal Design & Implementation Course (Key elements necessary for successful implementation and hard wiring of workflows for ACP and serious illness management)
  • Next StepsTM Facilitator and/or Instructor Courses
  • Advanced Steps® Facilitator and/or Instructor Courses
  • Disease specific Group Educational presentations with up-to-date guidelines and policies specific to the state of Michigan.
  • Educational “Close the Loop” webinar integrating additional necessary elements to allow honoring one’s wishes across the continuum of care.

Join the many healthcare professionals who want to go a step beyond and are already blazing the trail to end unnecessary suffering.  Click on the selected tabs above to learn more about these offerings.

Individuals should live life as they choose!

A Note from Founder, President & CEO – Rose Seavolt

We are all affected when care desired or undesired is unknown. As a Respecting Choices® Faculty Consultant, First Steps® Instructor, Organization Faculty in Next StepsTM and Advanced Steps® phases of planning, my goal is to actively promote the building of: 

  • sustainable advance care planning systems, 
  • expansion,
  • education, and
  • support to those caring for patients with serious illness.

This is accomplished through incredible Consultation and Educational offerings utilizing an evidence-based program. 

Having worked across the lifespan of individuals, from neonates to geriatrics within in-patient, out-patient and community settings, my passion is to disseminate the education and value of advance care planning and serious illness management to end unnecessary suffering and uncertainty for all.    

An independent affiliate of C-TAC, “Respecting Choices® is an internationally recognized, evidence-based model of advance care planning (ACP) that creates a healthcare culture of person-centered care—care that honors an individual’s goals and values for current and future healthcare.”

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