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Rose Seavolt is the embodiment of knowledgeable and approachable care. Her incredible training and expertise, combined with immense compassion, make her the ideal person to help guide organizations and facilities to hard wire new processes and provide trainings to others as they include advance care planning and serious illness management as part of the good care they currently deliver.

Together with her team at Choreographed Health Solutions, Rose is the ideal choice for training and resources in the advance care planning landscape.

“While working at the bedside of patients, I have experienced considerable distress when asking others what care to provide to a seriously ill patient in the moment. I’ve watched loved ones struggle and suffer with anxiety, stress and guilt when they don’t know what the individual would have chosen for healthcare interventions. Advance care planning moves the conversation ahead of these serious events. It is a gift one gives their loved ones! These facilitated conversations are deep and meaningful. They allow the individual to share with their Advocate(s) what is important, Advocates can ask for clarification, and the facilitator provides facts about various healthcare choices to aid the individual in making decisions consistent with how they want to live. This provides one with the opportunity to live ‘my life…my way.’”  

– Rose Seavolt

All Choreographed Health Solutions courses follow The Respecting Choices® proven, gold standard of advance care planning (ACP) programs, including education surrounding: 

  • system redesign to hardwire new processes,
  • skill building for effective facilitated conversations,
  • creation of clear, concise, customized documents, and
  • systems to increase availability of advance directives when and where needed.

Only then can we truly provide person-centered care and honor one’s healthcare wishes. Choreographed Health Solutions exists to consult and educate passionate individuals who desire to deliver healthcare that honors one’s wishes regardless of geographic location or stage of health. 

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