Consultation Services

Leadership Engagement Consultation (1-day event)

Organizations want to be fully informed prior to beginning new programs:  

  • Why do advance care planning (ACP)?
  • How will this benefit those we serve, our providers and staff?
  • What is the outcome desired?  
  • How much time will be required to implement change in processes?  
  • What cost is there to the organization, both in monetary value and community perception?   

To achieve answers to those essential questions, an individual certified as Respecting Choices Organization Faculty (RCOF) will share the Respecting Choices® (RC) model of ACP, describe the implementation process, and promote joint understanding with key decision-making leaders and stakeholders in a virtual format.  Optimal methods of implementation strategies will be discussed to enhance your ability to make a well-informed decision concerning how care delivery systems can be enhanced through implementing advance care planning. 

The role of Organization Faculty certified through Respecting Choices is to assist organizations maximize their ACP system implementation while staying true to the RC globally proven, reproducible, evidence-based system. 

If you are ready to learn more about implementing ACP, complete the Choreographed Health Solutions (CHS) request form below to schedule a 1-day Leadership Engagement Consultation.  

Organizational Assessment Consultation (2-day on-site event)

Advance care planning (ACP) consultation is customized to each individual implementation to enhance the success of your goals. To promote achievement of goals, CHS seeks first to understand your goals, organization infrastructure, resources available, systems and policies currently in place.    

Day one focuses on obtaining a thorough understanding of the care delivery systems currently in place.  A customized agenda is created to enable the RCOF and key leaders to meet virtually, gain insight and present essential information needed for a robust assessment.  At the conclusion of Day Two RCOF will meet virtually with your Steering Committee to review findings and offer counsel regarding implementation strategies.   Following the 2-day event, the organization’s leadership deliberates and decides if this is the time to restructure your systems to enhance your ability to honor one’s healthcare wishes for all you serve. True with any culture change or alteration to processes leadership engagement is vital to success.

Subsequent to determining ACP implementation is essential and timely to your organization and those you serve, a written agreement detailing responsibilities and goals is signed by both parties. The ACP Organization Faculty for that phase of planning will then initiate, guide, and support your ACP implementation process.  The consultation services are accomplished through phone calls, emails, and videoconferences to allow maximum availability and meet the needs of your schedule. 

If you are ready for a robust assessment of your organization to obtain recommendations on proven methods of enhancing person-centered care, complete the 2-day Organizational Assessment Consultation registration form below.

CHS is committed to assisting your success! Join others in ending unnecessary suffering. 

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We cannot know if we do not we ask!
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