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Certain health systems, organizations or communities can change their culture and redesign person-centered care processes with their current strength of leadership and quality improvement processes in place.  Implementing a robust advance care planning (ACP) system is a distinct program with key elements vital to the successful achievement of goals. Hardwiring new systems to support ACP into care routines along with commitment to human and financial resources are the essential elements for effective implementation of an ACP system. 

This course is designed to provide healthcare, community and various leaders with strategies proven to assist in developing key elements into their systems to effect ACP implementation success.  Appropriate participants in the D&I courses offered varies with the population(s) you serve, size and organizational structure.  Consistent with all educational and consultation offerings, Choreographed Health Solutions, LLC, applies the evidence-based, Respecting Choices ® (RC) system for proven success.

All courses are currently being held virtually due to the pandemic.

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