Group ACP Education

Individuals with serious illness have specific things to consider when making decisions about future healthcare treatment options.   Having the ability to define what an acceptable and unacceptable lifestyle looks like for them brings hope, comfort and peace to them and their loved ones.  Understanding facts surrounding various treatment options prior to making decisions is essential to live a life they define as worth living.

Group educational advance care planning (ACP) offerings have proven to be informational, freeing and valuable in enhancing how to have meaningful and detailed ACP conversations with loved ones.

Group presentations for specific disease or serious illness populations: 

  • Disease Specific ACP:
    • Points to reflect on and consider in context of your values and beliefs for future healthcare decisions when living with serious illnesses (i.e., Heart disease, COPD, Cancer, Neurological disorders, Neuromuscular disorders, Alzheimer’s, Kidney disease, Lung disease)
  • Educational presentations surrounding Advance Directives, Role of the Patient Advocate, Funeral Representative law, Communicating with Emergency Medical System (EMS), Guardianship, Capacity vs Competency, Michigan law and policies for MI-POST, and more.

If your organization is interested in having multiple individuals attend a course, this could possibly be held at your location. Contact CHS to discuss this as an option.

If you serve individuals with chronic or serious illness, participate in or offer disease specific support groups or educational offerings and would welcome a presentation to your group please complete the request form.

All group presentations are currently offered virtually or in-person. | (517) 898-3847

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