Next Steps™ Design and Implementation

Next Steps™ (NS) ACP Design and Implementation is intended for healthcare and community leaders (administrators, managers, program directors, and others) and clinicians (physicians, nurses, social workers, and others) who are interested in implementing an effective NS™ ACP program within their organization or community.


The purpose of this program is to begin to design a team-specific NS™ ACP implementation plan for patients and families living with serious illness.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the Respecting Choices® NS™ ACP program and related research evidence.
  2. Identify three organization-specific systems used for NS™ ACP implementation.
  3. Participate in small group activities to design a team-specific NS™ ACP implementation plan to include: 
    1. Selection of target population, and
    2. Redesign of workflows (recruitment, scheduling, and referrals) | (517) 898-3847

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