How We Contribute

Rose Seavolt: What advance care planning means to me…

“Advance care planning is talking with a trained facilitator who helps me understand how my healthcare choices will affect how I live my life and aids me in making decisions consistent with what matters most to me so I can live ‘my life…my way.’”  

Choreographed Health Solutions 

How We Contribute

The Respecting Choices® proven, gold standard of advance care planning (ACP) program includes education surrounding: 

     >  system redesign to hardwire new processes, 

     >  skill building for effective facilitated conversations, 

     >  creation of clear, concise, customized documents, and 

     >  systems to increase availability of advance directives when and where needed. 

Only then can we truly provide person-centered care and honor one’s healthcare wishes. Choreographed Health Solutions exists to consult and educate passionate individuals who desire to deliver healthcare that honors one’s wishes regardless of geographic location or stage of health. 

Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

Support organizations and health systems to implement sustainable, evidence-based ACP systems that close the gaps across the continuum of care and promote ACP Facilitator and Instructor education for those serving adults, regardless of age, with serious illness and/or advanced stages of health so they may live the life of their choosing.

Our Vision:

End unnecessary suffering by honoring one’s healthcare wishes in any setting.


Consultation Services: 

  • Consulting services to aid in implementation of a robust ACP system.  Key system elements and proven strategies are shared as you redesign and hardwire ACP processes and education within your organization, facility, or health system.

Design and Implementation (D&I) Courses: 

Courses that provide key elements necessary to implement and hardwire ACP processes within an organization or health system:

  • First Steps® Design and Implementation Course
  • Next Steps™ Design and Implementation Course
  • Advance Steps® Design and Implementation Course

ACP Facilitator Courses:

Courses that build communication skills and provide structure for ACP conversations to assist individuals and their loved ones while talking about future healthcare wishes:

  • First Steps® Facilitator Course
  • Next Steps™ Facilitator Course
  • Advanced Steps® Facilitator Course

ACP Instructor Courses:

Courses that are designed to ensure key ACP system elements is understood and provide instruction and practice in skills necessary for optimal teaching and mentoring of ACP Facilitators:

  • First Steps® Instructor Course
  • Next Steps™ Instructor Course
  • Advanced Steps® Instructor Course

Group presentations for specific disease or serious illness populations to share: 

  • Disease Specific ACP: 
    • Points to reflect on and consider in context of your values and beliefs for future healthcare decisions when living with serious illnesses (i.e., heart disease, COPD, cancer, Neurological disorders, Neuromuscular disorders, Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, etc.)

If your organization is interested in having multiple individuals attend a course, this could possibly be held at your location. Contact CHS to discuss this as an option.