First Steps® Facilitators Course

* Please Note: Michigan participants are encouraged to register for a First Steps® Facilitator Course through Making Choices Michigan: 

The First Steps® ACP Facilitator Certification

This course is designed to help participants learn the skills needed to facilitate foundational ACP discussions with any adult.

Suggested Attendees to the First Steps® Facilitator Course

The First Steps® ACP Facilitator Certification is intended for healthcare providers (nurses, all levels of social workers, health educators, and physicians), clergy, and others involved in providing ACP facilitation.


The purpose of this program is to assist participants in learning effective communication and conversation skills for person-centered ACP facilitation.

Pre-Course Requirements

  1. First Steps® ACP Facilitator Online Core Curriculum; modules 1-4 (included in registration fee)
  2. Personal Engagement Activity
  3. Review of Advance Directive document appropriate for your organization/community.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  1. Identify communication skills for Facilitating First Steps® ACP conversations.
  2. Create strategies to transfer individual goals, values, and preferences to the written plan.
  3. Demonstrate beginning competency in facilitating First Steps® ACP conversations through role-play activities.
  4. Become certified as a First Steps® ACP Facilitator through final competency role-play demonstration.

Initial Certification Requirements

  • Completion of the First Steps® ACP Facilitator Certification Online Curriculum (Modules 1-4)
  • Completion of the First Steps® ACP Facilitator Certification classroom training (8-hour classroom instruction)

CHS standards include

The day of training focuses solely on Facilitator education and skill development. Additional information and mentoring greatly enhances the comfort and skill level of a new Facilitator. These additional components have proven to be very effective and are therefore included in the registration fee and process of certification.

  • Attendance to the 1-hour Prep for Training Webinar held prior to the 8-hour course; includes vital information about the role of Patient Advocate
  • Submission for review and feedback of a completed practice advance directive used in your location to improve the document’s usage when needed
  • 1-3 practice conversations prior to final observed role-play for certification as appropriate
  • Recommended attendance to the 1-hour “Closing the Loop” Webinar following 8-hour course
  • Recommended attendance to 30-60 min webinar 1-month following First Steps® Facilitator certification to participate in an opportunity to share with other facilitators and obtain additional mentoring

CHS’s Commitment to Facilitators

CHS First Steps® Instructors remain available for questions and ongoing mentoring opportunities to those certified First Steps ® Facilitators through CHS throughout their participation in this role.

* Pricing is variable dependent on prior Facilitator training of attendees.  Cost will be determined through the registration process and be provided prior to submitting your payment. 

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